Learn About the Crystal Ballroom, the venue and its history, along with the Somerville Theatre in the historic Hobbs Building all located in Somerville near Boston MA.

Our story really begins in 1914 with the construction of the Hobbs Building, which, along with the Somerville Theatre, originally contained 10 storefronts, a basement bowling alley and café, offices to let, as well as a Masonic Hall on the top floor, and the Hobbs’ Crystal Ballroom on the second floor. For decades, the Crystal Ballroom was host to dances, weddings, banquets, and other events. Eventually, it was used for private functions only, and faded into disrepair before finally closing in the 1980’s. The ballroom was repurposed in 1996 into two cinemas as the Somerville Theatre was renovated and expanded. Seemingly lost to the ages, the Crystal Ballroom was destined to rise again; as entertainment has evolved, so too must the offerings in Davis Square. Thus, during the forced closure of the pandemic, a bold new phoenix was able to sow opportunity from the devastation, rise from the ashes and the Crystal Ballroom at Somerville Theatre was fully renovated, improved, and reborn.