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The Crystal Ballroom presents MARCI

All Ages
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A great pop song is like a great friend: an intimate confidante, a shoulder to cry on, and a partner in crime when you’re ready to get dolled up and dance the pain away under the disco ball (or in front of your bedroom mirror.) That’s what you’ll find on ‘Entertainment’, the debut single from Marci of Montreal soft-rock group TOPS, who steps out on her own in self-assured style.

Like much of classic pop, ‘Entertainment’ is focused on the ups and downs of love. Produced and recorded with her TOPS bandmate David Carriere, it’s a song about flirting with fantasy, and the cat and mouse game of lust that uses an irresistibly ‘80s-tinged mix of synth arpeggios and smooth saxophone runs to emphasize the song’s inherent sense of friskiness. “Do you get off on my type?/ Maybe it’s the saxophone,” she sings playfully.

The confidence of Marci’s debut single belies the fact that Cikojevic has never formally written songs before, though she’s been a student of melody since her childhood in rural Ontario, when she would sing along to the radio pop divas du jour, perform in the church choir, and participate in piano recitals. The middle child of five sisters, Cikojevic describes herself as a shy singer at home, who would instead seek out secret spots—the forest behind her home or a broken down van on their property were favorites—to practice her singing and record the songs she would make up herself into a handheld recorder. She was encouraged to do so by her grandfather, a refugee from the former Yugoslavia, who would sing and record both original songs and traditional Croatian folk songs on a cassette dictation machine—she still has some of the tapes they made together.